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Straight Talk Free Phones Kind Intro

Straight Talk free phones are majorly sold at Wal-Mart stores and registered trademark of Tracfone. As the new kids on the block that launched several years ago, they have a few complaints and bad rumors around. Some says that they have a bad customer service but in the other hand they had an excellent coverage and cheap phones. Straight Talk offers you both monthly and pay as you go plans. If you purchase the Straight Talk free phones, you can get cheap monthly plans that provide an unlimited talk, data and messaging limits for you, heavy users. They have the promising performance for an outstanding apps, international minutes, phone protection plans. For customer issues, you can call them starting at 8 am until midnight. No offense about their wait times that sometimes can be so long, but you can count on the auto answer menu that can complete some crucial functions like refills and activation. If you check on their website, you also can find the form for transferring service, tracking orders, checking balance and so much more from the Straight Talk free phones.

These Straight Talk free phones are have no contract and there is no daily access fee. For payment options, you can get the Straight Talk services that can be purchased at Wal-Mart’s website, Straight Talk’s website and the authorized dealer using your cash or maybe a credit card. Text and picture messages are included in Straight Talk free phone’s flat monthly rate, unlimited text and MMS always. You are searching for the best data plans from Straight Talk? Well, you will get two different options for data. First, “All You Need” plan that has a 100 MB of data and the other plans that has an unlimited low speed and 3 GB high speed data. These Straight Talk free phones unlimited plans will start at $45 for one month.
Title: Straight Talk Free Phones Kind Intro
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